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HomeBuilderGrid is an innovative plan that is designed to allow Do-it-Yourself home builders to build their own homes in conjunction with a construction savvy building materials supplier. We want to help eliminate homelessness in this world.

Home Builder Grid is a system with training which allows people with little or no experience to do as much work as possible on building their home. The financial impact can be more than 40% of the home cost.


Robert Caretto, Former Fire Fighter, Innovator, Builder

Bob has been involved with some form of the residential construction business for over 30 years. While his primary skills are concrete, masonry and stucco, Bob built most of his own home, while working as a fire fighter during his weeks off. He got help from a number of co-workers and began thinking about how the process could be systematized.

Bob with a crew of his volunteers

Years later Bob retired from the Fire Department in 2006, just after Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area. Bob left immediately for New Orleans with the thought that he could help rebuild and also learn other construction trades.

Bob started by volunteering in the St. Bernard Parish. While working with SBP he learned other skills in residential construction, and eventually supervised volunteer crews, and became one of the Punch-List people for that organization.

Bob eventually moved on to Lowernine.org where he supervises many different volunteer groups. He became aware that with a little bit of coaching and oversight, people who had little or no construction experience could perform the various construction jobs.

Eleven years later, Bob is still living in New Orleans, and still helping rebuild homes and managing other volunteers. This experience enabled him to develop the Home Builder Grid system, and he is anxious to see the system in action with more affordable homes being created by first-time Do-it-Yourselfers.

During his 11 years in New Orleans, Bob has worked with ...

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